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This is a tough thing to go through

We want the best outcome

Let's work together to make it happen

What are we going to do?

Let's get to work! Together, we can do better.

Suzanne will personally work with you to make sure you are moving in the right direction.  There is always something we can do to try for a better outcome.  Let's get creative and get this behind you!  

You can't just sit there!

If you are just waiting to see what will happen with your case, we believe you are taking the wrong approach.  Get up and get moving!  Who is going to help you if you won't even try to help yourself?  Don't be afraid.  Once you hire Suzanne, you will have a caring teammate to help guide you in a carefully planned and personalized mitigation.  No two cases are alike.  We start new with each client so that we can meet your individual needs.   

Peace of mind

No matter the outcome of your case, we strive to make sure we do everything in our power to help you.  It is easier to accept an outcome when you have done everything you can think to do in order to change the momentum of your life.  No surprises here.  We will prepare you for the end result, no matter what it may be.  We will get through this, together.

We want to help make it better

Who is Suzanne Stevens?

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Let me be your lawyer

We work hard to be different than any other lawyer you've ever had.  We build relationships, we are thorough, we are accessible.  Want to talk to your lawyer?  Just call or text her anytime!  She gives every client her cell number and encourages frequent communication.

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